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                     APRIL 1, 2023                                     8AM - 4PM                                         OIL CITY LAUNCH


                      OCTOBER 15, 2023                            8AM - 4PM                                         OIL CITY LAUNCH


**Mother Nature has declared March 25th a NO GO.  We will try April 1st as long as the weather cooperates**

These are OPEN events.  WPTBS Memberships are not required for these tournaments.


$80 per boat. Optional $10 lunker. Cash only, pay at ramp. Registration begins an hour before start time and closes 15 minutes before start time. Proof of insurance for ALL boats will be required.

Save Time at the ramp, print and complete the below form in advance.  One is required for each tournament.

4/1/2023 Oil City Results

10/15/2023 Oil City Results

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